Dead Content | Why Google has stopped showing it

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So you created a website, it has lots of traffic and you simply moved onto another project or website. Next time you get the chance to look, your website bombed in serps and you have no traffic. Why?


Well Google is placing more and more emphasis on new content these days and, those who don´t refresh content or add new pages suffer. In the past, placing an rss aggregator on your webpage garnered some new content for Google to look at and consider that you´re updating, not any more. RSS feeds are no longer the holy grail of old content rejuvenation.


There´s really no quick solution to this problem at the moment. Basically, unless your website is updated regularly you´ll end up way down in the annals of organic search faster than you can say Panda.


But all is not lost. If you don´t need/want to add information to your website and simply want to offer Google an artificial freshener then link backs from social feeds could be just what you´re look for.


Dredging your old website for images and posting on pinterest is one method. Another is to use the link post on Facebook and, both of these social networks offer automatic posting to twitter anyway. So no point in positing from twitter if you already get the twitter post “thrown in” with the aforementioned, right?


An alternative to the above would be to go back and check your website over. Start naming images to coincide with what the images represent instead of the dreaded “image 1.jpg, image 2.jpg” still plaguing many older websites. You´ll be surprised how this quick “refresh” will garner organic results from previously unranked or low ranked pages on your site.


Finally, although a little more comprehensive, your best bet would be to switch your old asp, php or html page over to wordpress. While this is a larger undertaking it will garner the complete “makeover” Google craves, along with the caveat of facilitating your future site updates.


Beware the dead content…


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